dimanche 25 juillet 2010

Take a walk in my shoes !

                      Hammamet , July 20th ? 2010

Have you felt it wasn't enough?
Like you tried but lost it all.
Did you ever feel like it was too tough?
And nobody cared at all.

Did you ever wonder if it was your fault?
But nobody ever blamed you.
To feel like it was all pity?
And you were still at the very bottom, too.

Did you feel like you were last?
In a race that didn't start.
Have you ever thought too much about the past?
And thought that you never gave your part.

Have you loved and still felt it?
And you cared so much that you cried.
Were you ever so jealous and couldn't admit it?
Because you didn't want his love to die...

Have you ever felt like you were nothing?
And you wanted to be more, you wanted to chose.
If you've never felt this way, well then...
Take a walk in my shoes.

By: Jessica Rose